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Name:Since 1995: A V6 community
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Since 1995. A general V6 community.
Welcome to [community profile] since_1995, a general, non-media V6 community. This is where all your assorted news, translations, celebrations, fanworks, selling posts, and anything else that's not media goes. We have but a few rules, so please review them and the how-to before posting. Any questions? Ask [personal profile] yabai.

. rules .

  • be excellent to each other.
  • check the tags before posting! tag your posts appropriately.
  • media (shows, music, etc) that aren't fanworks go in music for the people.
  • don't repost something if the author does not want it reposted.
  • absolutely no johnny's net video reuploads or j-web screenshots. we get so few nice things, please don't ruin it.
  • no self-introduction posts. ask before you advertise your community.
  • try to keep preview images under 350px x 350px. no more than 3 images outside a cut.
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